Friday, April 15, 2011

Desire HD: a week later

So I've had the Desire HD for about a week now. Overall, I'd say I really like this phone. There's much to like about it. Still, every device must surely have its "buts" and this phone is certainly no exception.

Without further ado, lets look at that list.

The Good
  • Display is huge and responsive
  • Bluetooth is easy to setup and use
  • Lots of memory to run your favourite apps
  • Apps, apps, apps!! Even with only access to free apps where I come from, it's a huge number to choose from.
  • Touch to focus camera. Although there's better camera's out there, this is still good enough for everyday use.
  • Good enough music player for simple music listening and playlist management. Need something better? I'm sure Android Market has something for you.
  • Swype supported. Typing is fun again!
  • Tweakable to your hearts content
  • Gmail-style conversation view for sms
  • Song snippets for ringtones. No point playing the entire song for your ringtone. It's not like you intend to keep the caller waiting.

The Bad

  • Display sucks a lot of power. No wonder people are complaining about battery life, but tweaking the display brightness helps.
  • Bluetooth file transfer is slow. It's barely even half my Nokia 5220's transfer speed and that's already slow.
  • Stalls and stutters after a while. I guess despite all that memory it still does reach its limits pretty fast. Android needs to be more efficient here.
  • Not so nice keyboard. Easily fixed by installing Swype (see above).
  • Settings liberally sprinkled everywhere (an unfortunate side effect of tweakability). Every app seems to have it's own vibrate setting that you need to turn off individually. There's no central place for setting things.
  • Can't use mp3 for message notification. I'm a bit surprised my Nokia lets me do it but Android apparently doesn't. It's no big deal though.
  • doesn't work as advertised.

I'm not a particularly heavy user here. In fact, I'd say I'm a very light user. Mostly it's just the messages that I use while everything else are used semi-frequently. At the moment I'm into Angry Birds. Now that I have it I get how addictive this game can be. I'll need to fix that.

Finally, the LCD display isn't as bad as it sounds. I find manually reducing the brightness to almost minimum brightness is still plenty bright enough for me so that seems to help quite a lot. Granted, I haven't tested it outdoors so maybe I'll change my opinions then.