Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ubuntu needs you!

Are you running on recent nVidia hardware (GeForce 6 or newer)? Do you want to help make Ubuntu better? Are you OK with system breakage?

There's a call for testing for nVidia cards now. Ubuntu may be a fantastic Linux distribution, but it needs testing during development to squash those annoying bugs. Typically, you'll only be able to fully utilise hardware with proprietary drivers if it's fairly new as open source equivalents haven't sufficiently matured.

The problem? Unity uses features that usually are only usable on proprietary drivers for these newer hardware. But proprietary drivers are black boxes. That means if there's any bugs or quirks in proprietary drivers, it's up to the software using it to workaround those until (or if) the vendors fix them.

If you could spare a little time to help testing Unity on Natty, that'll be a great help. You'll not only improve your Ubuntu experience when 11.04 is released but everybody else who happens to use similar hardware will benefit too.

Why not join the fun today?

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