Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fixing error 0x80004005 for Windows key update tool

Frequently do Windows installs for many people? I get that every now and then. That's where Microsoft's own Windows key update tool comes in handy. For Windows XP Professional installations, you'll save yourself much time by creating a custom "pirated" Windows XP setup CD.

Of course, the purposed isn't to do installs of pirated Windows. It's just faster to have a single ready made CD that you can use over and over. You can create a custom Windows CD with the latest driverpacks, for example, and have basically all the device drivers installed along with Windows. It's much more efficient to maintain just a single CD than two (one for Windows XP Pro OEM, another for the Retail version). Once Windows is installed, just use the key update tool to change to the proper license key and you're done. The tool downloads the required files to convert your Windows installation to the correct licensed version.

The downside is it only works for Windows XP Professional.

Windows XP key update tool giving error 0x80004005

To avoid constantly downloading the tool each time you need it, you might've kept a local copy for reuse. The problem with this is that Microsoft occasionally releases a newer version of the tool. That's where you get the 0x80004005 error.

The simple fix is to head over to Microsoft's site and download the latest version of the tool. There's a forum post with other suggested solutions that you might want to try but they didn't work for my case.

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