Saturday, January 08, 2011

What a week it's been

The year's barely just begun and already there's so much info on new hardware gushing in. It's all thanks to CES 2011.

AMD announced their Fusion APUs while Intel released Sandy Bridge as expected. And along came lots of notebooks from various manufacturers that carry these new hardware in them. With the release of CPU + GPU chips finally a reality this year promises to be really interesting. Let's not forget that Bulldozer will be coming out sometime this year too, along with a 2nd generation low power platform planned for the year end. I highly doubt it'll make it so soon, but who knows?

Tablets make a big appearance this time around. It really feels rather like the manufacturers are following in Apple's footsteps. Only this time, they're not giving Apple the many years of monopoly like they did with the iPhone. Maybe it's the fact that it's a lot easier to squeeze existing hardware into a tablet form factor than a smartphone. Or, maybe they really are taking the Apple rumors much more seriously this time. Go figure.

On a side note, it's amazing that you can have accessories for a device that doesn't yet exist. At least it doesn't exist yet in the market. Why anybody would buy it is beyond me.

A bit suprising is Microsoft's intent to bring Windows to ARM. That definitely makes nVidia's plans possible, but only time will tell just how well things will turn out for either companies. Will we see Windows 8 installed on smartphones ala xpPhone?