Sunday, December 05, 2010

Streamline your Windows boot using Soluto

Soluto is a software that profiles your Windows boot and lets you manage the software and services that run on your PC. Information on the various software is based on community feedback which lets you see the proportion of users' preferred settings for particular software. Soluto even gives recommendations on whether to disable, delay, or leave a particular startup item alone.

The typical Windows desktop loads a lot of items that are never or rarely used. Some are not even required to boot (eg, Windows Live Messenger, Skype) yet they startup with Windows by default if you install them and consume system resources unnecessarily. The more items that startup with your system, the slower the boot will be hence the longer it takes for your computer to be ready for use.

Using Soluto is a simple install and reboot to profile your system boot. The caveat is that you can't uninstall Soluto, or it will revert the changes you've to the boot sequence. Soluto is also currently in Beta, so there's many software it can't manage yet.

Soluto main window

So just what can you do with Soluto?

Boot profile view
I've already mentioned that it profiles your boot. Soluto shows you graphically what starts up with your system and how long they take to load. You get to interactively manage startup items on your computer.

Disable or delay startup item simply (with recommendations)
There's also a history view that shows your boot times over multiple system boots that even indicates when you install or remove software from your computer. It's interesting to see how your boot times fluctuate across multiple system startups. Maybe the developers can analyse this and make further optimisation recommendations in future. Just a thought.

The history view

Finally, don't forget to provide feedback with the feedback button. Fledgling projects depend on a healthy community building up around it to evolve into successful projects. I'm quite sure the developers would greatly appreciate bug reports or feature suggestions. Even some words of praise if you particularly liked the software is rewarding.

The all-important feedback button