Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ubuntu's bluetooth issues

I can't be singing Ubuntu's praises all the time. That'd be too much like saying that Ubuntu's perfect and has zero problems. In fact, there are warts here and there in the same way that all OSes have issues with various aspects in the system.

This time it's the Bluetooth support. I haven't done a clean install of Ubuntu since version 9.10. Each release I upgrade using Update Manager and Bluetooth has been working since the beginning. The upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10, unfortunately, broke that.

Now I can't even pair with my Nokia 5220, although I can detect its presence just fine. From what I've read since encountering this, it seems Bluetooth support has been problematic for quite some years already. I'm quite surprised it took so long for me to bump into it, if that's the case. Maybe I'm just not using it enough...

In the meantime, I'll be using the USB data cable. That's about the only available work around for this bizarre problem.