Saturday, November 13, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta 7 release

Firefox 4 Beta 7 is out and feature complete. It's much faster now thanks to JägerMonkey and hardware acceleration. But the little things seem to have forgotten.

Here's a few that's made it into Firefox 4:

Combined Go/Stop/Refresh
- These three buttons are now combined together into a single button that changes function depending on situation. You might've noticed a few missing buttons on your toolbar since Beta 7.

URL shown in Awesome Bar
Awesome Bar improvements - The browser status bar is gone but it was at least useful for some of us that knew to look when hovering over URL links to check where a link really goes. So now they've changed the Awesome Bar to display said URL when you hover over links.

There's also the easily forgotten Switch-to-Tab feature that lets you switch over to an existing tab when you type a page title or address and there's already a tab loaded with that page.

New page load animation

Page load animation - Remember that spinning animation whenever you (re)load a page? It's gotten a facelift in Firefox 4 and is much better than the previous one.

These are just some small improvements to Firefox 4 that's there but most might never even notice or mention. I'm sure there's more I've managed to miss out on. As always the big changes like JägerMonkey, Panorama, Firefox Button, multitouch support, hardware acceleration support, improvements to HTML5 support, and many more are the ones that get the limelight.