Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 is just around the corner

Update: Ubuntu 10.10 is officially out, so head over to the official site to get yours.

It's already 10.10.10 where I am but the actual Ubuntu release typically comes in the late evenings or in the middle of the night for me. It's a time zone thing. Still, there's no reason not to celebrate another release right?

So what's new and improved in Ubuntu 10.10? Lots, as always. Every release hundreds of bugs get fixed, software gets updated to new versions. This release we get to see further evolution in the desktop and netbook experience with Unity for netbooks and various theme, indicators improvements on the desktop. Here's some of the more obvious one you can expect to find.

New sound indicator - Rhythmbox now integrates with the sound indicator. It doesn't need to maintain its own icon anymore which translates to less clutter on your desktop.

New sound indicator

Unity interface - Ubuntu Netbook Edition now uses Unity. It's designed for the smaller screens typically found on netbooks, so expect a more pleasant netbook experience compared to Ubuntu 10.04.

Ubiquity redesign - Ubuntu's GUI installer got redesigned this time around. Tasks that can be run in parallel do so which basically means improved installation speed.

New Ubiquity design
btrfs support - It's now possible to create, and install into, btrfs partitions though you'll still need a separate /boot partition. While not quite ready for the masses, there's still a lot of positive buzz surrounding btrfs and getting it into the hands of early adopters to help shake out bugs is a good thing.

Ubuntu font family - The new font has been stirring up a lot of interest it seems. Maverick comes with the new Ubuntu font as the default. It's still a work in progress so it's not recommended to use as your default document fonts (yet).

Fonts preferences
Ubuntu Software Center  - There's lots of improvements to the software center including handling of third party package installations. There used to be a separate gdebi UI for this but now installing a .deb package by double clicking it runs in Software Center.

Ubuntu Software Center

Those are just a few highlights in this Ubuntu release. I'm sure there's more that I've failed to mention here.

That's about it. It's been one heck of a journey. Now to wait for this evening for the official release...