Friday, August 06, 2010

Maverick Meerkat Alpha 3 is out

Another milestone has come and gone. We're one step closer to Ubuntu 10.10 now that Alpha 3 has officially released. Overall this release has a focus on server side improvements. That's not to say there's no desktop improvements at all. It's just that the bulk of the developers' work has been on server related stuff.

Btrfs support takes a small step towards full support. btrfs-tools was left out of Alpha 2 but it's now included by default so no need to manually install it before attempting to install onto a btrfs partition. Still, it's safer to assume you'll face breakage with btrfs for now and test only on VMs or spare computers.

Freshly minted kernel 2.6.35 is now used in Maverick so expect things to get better from here on out. Feature Freeze is just around the corner so expect less fluctuations in coming weeks.

As usual have a look at the known issues before even attempting an installation to avoid frustrations. The technical overview gives a much better overall picture.

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