Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reverting PPA packages

There's a reason why PPA packages aren't promoted more vigorously to the masses. The provided packages are not guaranteed to be fully tested. There's tonnes of PPAs out there that provide testing packages for early adopters.

After installing a package from a PPA if you find you don't like using the testing packages or something broke and you need to revert the changes, you can use ppa-purge to revert those changes. It's possible to do things manually but usually that's for more experienced testers. Ironically, the ppa-purge package itself is available on a PPA. How strange is that?
Note: Newer Ubuntu releases has ppa-purge in the repositories. If you're using a recent Ubuntu version, try installing ppa-purge using apt-get first. You may not need to go through all the extra hassle.

Download the deb package for ppa-purge from X-edgers PPA and install it.

~$ cd Downloads/
~/Downloads$ sudo dpkg -i ppa-purge_0.2.6_all.deb

Then remove a ppa package with,

~$ sudo ppa-purge ppa-url

Replace ppa-url with the same line you used to add a PPA to software sources and ppa-purge will take care of the rest.

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