Sunday, July 04, 2010

Returning to NeverWinter

I wrote a post on installing the native Linux client for NeverWinter Nights years ago. Currently, I'm running though my old games and trying to complete as many of them as possible. Having recently completed Icewind Dale 2, it's not NeverWinter Nights.

This time I've opted for wine rather than native client installation since it's much easier than the rather clunky installation with the Linux client. Here's how:

~$ wine /media/cdrom0/autorun.exe

I'm using Wine 1.2 RC5 to install NeverWinter Nights Platinum Edition for this post. Simply use Wine defaults and install as any Windows app installs. Once installation completes, you'll need to install the latest patch. Updating using the game client itself is recommended. If it fails, you'll have to download the (rather large) patch installer from Bioware. To install,

~$ wine NWNEnglish1.69HotUUpdate.exe

The added bonus is that the newest patches also removes the annoying CD check. Once patched, you won't be needing the game disc nor a crack to remove CD checks. It's one of the best parts of playing old games.

Problems with Compiz

NeverWinter Nights doesn't play well with Compiz. If you insist on running Compiz you'll have to run Wine in windowed mode at 800 x 600 resolution. Full screen mode gives garbled output once the game starts, and setting higher resolutions in windowed mode gives blank screens. I'm using a HD3200 IGP with closed source drivers, so that may be the reason for this, though I haven't tested that idea.

Metacity runs fine in full screen mode. I'm running with that now; I think it's much better running in full screen.

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