Saturday, May 29, 2010

GNOME + Do = Crazy Delicious

That's the tag line used by Gnome Do, and you'll get it once you use it for a while. Do is a clone of Quicksilver for Mac OS X. Simply put, it's a tool to allow even better productivity than you've ever experienced before on your computer.

If you can type with more than 2 fingers, and without looking at your keyboard (much) then Do will allow you access to functionality on your computer much more effectively than you ever could with a mouse.

As its name implies, Do aims to let you do what you need on you computer. Faster. Smarter.

It relies on plugins to do most of its work on its behalf, so plugins for things you don't need can be disabled to minimise memory usage. There's a plugin for just about all the popular stuff out there: Twitter, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Firefox, etc... and, of course, the common tasks everybody needs on any computer (open files and folders, search for files, controlling media players, etc).

One caveat though: there was a memory leak related to the Firefox plugin. Disabling said plugin removes the memory leak but you lose access to browsing history and bookmarks. It's been marked as fixed but I haven't tried it out myself. It's a benefit of maintaining a very short list of frequented sites and bookmarks.