Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Beta 1 lands

Lucid Lynx, or what will eventually be released as Ubuntu 10.04 next month comes with a few "surprises". At this stage, things are more or less set in stone. It's all down to bug fixes and polishing work until final release unless something totally unexpected happens. It rarely does. This time it did.

The Ubuntu developers delayed Beta 1 due to quality concerns, but here we are.

Here's a few of the new stuff since Alpha 3.

New theme lands

Radiance and Ambiance were let loose shortly after Alpha 3 with numerous feedback from the community; some good, some bad. Strangeness includes a shift in the window decorations. Minimise, maximise and exit buttons have been shifted to the left by-default for some strange reason. The right side looks so lonely now.

There's been a lot of controversy stirred up by the change, but Mark Shuttleworth himself has given juicy hints of future plans for the now lopsided windows.

Even faster boot

I check on the Ubuntu daily bootcharts enthusiastically, and recently they've managed a 10s boot. It's only the one time, but overall Ubuntu's boot time has been improving over these few months and the single successful 10s boot gives hope the target boot just might be achieved in time for this release.

Well, that's pretty much it really. It's past Feature Freeze by this time, so no major changes can be expected this cycle. The developers are now prioritising bug fixes and final polishing before release next month. Then the cycle starts over again.