Thursday, March 11, 2010

Intel's 6-core CPU arrives

Gulftown has landed!

Not really. It's just a paper launch with hardware reviewers already allowed to share with us juicy info on the new chip. 6-core dies look fabulous.

For us mere mortals, all we can do is drool and dream over the new hexa-core CPU while Intel grabs some green from rich(er) folks, saying "Thank you, please bend over backwards for our chips again next time".

Well, I just recently got a nice and cheap upgrade so there's no way I'm getting Gulftown even if I could afford the insane $1000 price tag. This build will have to last me a few years. Just how many software makes use of 4 cores anyway? Certainly none of the software I regularly use are multi-threaded as far as I know. Maybe a cutting edge Mplayer with FFmpeg-mt, but that's all I'm aware of.

Update: AMD almost confirmed their new X6 pricing. At sub-$300 there's just no reason to get an Intel unless you're a hardcore supporter, or you've got plenty of money to burn.

Having 4 cores is more like an insurance. Multi-threaded applications are soon to be mainstream, and having room to grow has always been my principle. Buy the most room you can afford so you can push back the next upgrade cycle as much as possible.

With 4 cores, even a CPU hungry app doesn't kill off my PC. Well. Most of the time anyway.