Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lucid Alpha 2 ISO on the way

I don't frequent the Ubuntu Forums as I used to but still it's exciting to see threads calling for the community to help in testing. The Alpha 2 release for Lucid is imminent. This is still only the second alpha release so expect a bug festival although even Ubuntu alpha releases aren't as buggy as the term suggests. Still, it's always a good idea to be cautious and play around in a virtual machine.

Already the Ubuntu community has done testing and bug reports on the candidate ISOs. Of course, one of the main points of Lucid will be 10s boot time. Many in the community (myself included) will be eager to see Canonical deliver on this one. Current daily bootcharts have the boot time at around 26s for HDD-based Mini 10v and 18s for the SSD version. My desktop could do 19s with Jaunty so I'm expecting similar performance with Lucid. I very much doubt my desktop's greater CPU & memory muscle will help much. There's really so much that can be done to speed up magnetic storage. Maybe if multi-device btrfs came into the picture...

Anyway, the best I'm hoping for is a 19s boot from Lucid on my desktop. If I get faster boot speeds then that's a big bonus to me.