Friday, September 18, 2009

A Brief Look: NetGear DG834Gv5

The NetGear DG834Gv5 wireless modem router is truly simple to setup. The basic case of setting up wireless and ADSL+ connection couldn't be simpler. Just browse to the router's default address and key in the default username and password as provided in the documentation. The router will prompt you to change the admin password. It's a good habit to change this for security reasons.

Setting up the ADSL+ connection

For ADSL+ setup, I didn't have the Setup Wizard on the CD as an option since I'm on Ubuntu and the Setup Wizard is for Windows. In any case, I prefer to login and manually do the setup myself. Just head to Basic Settings on the left navigation column, select PPPoE encapsulation type, then key in your ADSL username and password. Click Apply and everything should be good to go. Nice and easy.

There's a lot of routers out there that provide options for everything, but they're hard to use even for a fairly tech savvy person. In trying to provide for advanced users, they've left the regular user with an unusable tool. It's nice that some brands still look at usability as a part of the big picture.

Setting up wireless connectivity

Wireless is also simple to configure. Just head over to Wireless Settings, pick a name (SSID) for your wireless nerwork, select your region, then choose the desired security settings and fill in the appropriate fields. Again, click Apply to save your settings and you're good to go.

Overall, the NetGear DG834Gv5 has been simple to configure and use in the most basic use case. There's also a working UPnP which means no need to configure port forwarding for software that are UPnP aware. There's also lots more features that I haven't gotten into (VPN, event log emailing, etc), and I doubt I'd really need to.

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