Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snags in the plan and a Microsoft mouse

There's been a little hiccup in my plans to get a replacement wireless router. Seems the local store I frequent currently has no stock of it. Oh well, no hurry since my ADSL modem is still very much limping along "just fine"...

So I proceeded with the mouse replacement plan instead. The Microsoft Wireless Optical 2000 is a tad smaller than my old IntelliMouse Explorer. I didn't expect to find a wireless mouse with such a large receiver but I guess I didn't do a thorough enough research on the various models. So far, it doesn't look like I'll need to worry though since the mouse is way more responsive than the Genius Traveller 600.

The pointer moves smoothly, and there's no noticeable lag after you've left it alone for a while. I'm sure it's just my senses being dulled by lack of gaming, so I'll probably start complaining once I get used to it (give or take a few weeks).