Monday, August 24, 2009

FProt on Ubuntu LiveUSB

Fprot has a free Linux version for home users that really comes in handy when you have a mix of Linux and Windows machines to manage. Install Fprot onto an Ubuntu LiveUSB and you have a portable antivirus for vetting those Windows machines regularly. Here's the gist of how to set things up.

First, download the tarball from Frisk Software. Once you have the tarball just unpack it and run the installer.

~$ cd Desktop
~$ tar zxvf fp-Linux-i686-ws.tar.gz
~$ cd f-prot
~$ sudo ./

Follow the instructions presented during the installation. Simply use the default settings offered, and all should be well. After installation is complete, virus scanning is a simple console command away:

Note: Do not delete the folder extracted earlier since it is still needed by F-Prot.

~$ sudo fpscan --disinfect /mount/point

Replace /mount/point with the desired mount point (usually /media/disk) to scan. If you have multiple partitions on a single device, you can use wildcards (/media/*) to scan all of them.

By default, a update task will be created but if you don't boot the LiveUSB regularly then things might not always be up-to-date. To manually update the virus definitions run the following from console:

~$ sudo /opt/f-prot/fpupdate

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