Sunday, April 19, 2009

PC Troubles

For the past month or so, Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex had started (more like restarted) to manifest it's hard lockup issue. Every boot after a long period of rest seems to require 2 hard lockup/reset cycle before the system becomes stable for use.

Seeing as Jaunty's almost arrived, I'll try to endure this period of trouble although I know it's bad for my PC to hard reset so frequently. As preparation, I've switched back to using the open source -ati driver instead of the fglrx I've been using for nearly half a year. The -ati driver does give much better desktop goodness but I won't be playing Morrowind for a while even if I wanted to.

That's it for this infrequent update. Hopefully the changes in Jaunty will improve my situation. In particular the video driver related changes.