Sunday, November 09, 2008

Preparations for 64bit Intrepid Ibex

Finally completed downloading and burning the ISO for Intrepid Ibex today. So, most of this afternoon was spent preparing for the future. My 2nd HDD was shortsightedly formatted as reiserfs instead of ext3 as originally intended. Since ext4 is getting closer to readiness for general purpose usage, I'd better reformat my 2nd drive to ext3.

Over 100GB of data is no small thing to move around. I had to delete some stuff and burn off some earlier than I'd like to make the total size I needed to move smaller. After a few hours worth of copying the files over to my main drive then reformatting, I'm now in the process of moving stuff back to their original locations.

That's about it for tonight. I'll let the fresh partition break in for the rest of the week before attempting a clean install of Intrepid Ibex next weekend. That'll be another round of moving files around before reformatting.