Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tweaking Vim

Just felt bored enough to find stuff to play around with. Here's my .vimrc file. It's nothing much just basics. Nothing guru-ish, certainly. It's just enough to make programming a tad bit more pleasant an experience.

set nocompatible    " break vi compatibility
filetype on         " enable filetype detection
filetype plugin on  " enable plugins
filetype indent on  " enable filetype-specific indents

set expandtab       " use spaces instead of tabs
set autoindent      " enable automatic indentation
set showtabline=2   " always show tabs
set textwidth=80    " wrap text beyond 80 columns
set shiftwidth=4    " size of tabs
set smarttab        " use shiftwidth on tab/backspace
set showmatch       " show matching braces
set hlsearch        " highlight search terms

syntax enable       " enable syntax highlighting
colorscheme evening " use this color scheme

set ruler           " always show current cursor position
set number          " show line numbers
set hidden          " can change buffer without saving

Which reminds me that I should spend more time learning how to use Vim more efficiently rather than while my time away uselessly.