Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't trust the OEMs

I've always been a little suspicious of OEMs. That's why the very first thing I do when I receive any branded computer I've purchased is to wipe out the hard drive and start from scratch.

This practice of mine also means I avoid brands like Acer which seems to love to use Norton Ghost for their recovery CDs. Dell is way better; they provide the original Windows media so I can choose to install just the base system without all those extras OEMs always include on all their systems :-)

Recently, I had to deal with an old Asus notebook at work. It was giving BSODs whenever the AC adapter was plugged in/out of the port. From the message, it looks like an issue caused by gv3.sys. A quick google search turned up a link to Microsoft's site. Lucky me.

Based on the explanation on KB888399, it would seem that Asus force installed an old version of processor driver onto the machine and this is the source of evil here. Simply tell Windows XP to search for a better driver and it should automatically switch to the proper driver. Once done just reboot and test to be sure that everything really is in order ;-)