Thursday, December 06, 2007

Exe files that just won't run

A most unusual issue. Every exe file (or shortcut that points to one) prompts Windows to show me the 'Open with...' dialog. Not since SirCam have I seen this behaviour on Windows.

Luckily for this little utility, there's a simple fix to the problem. None of the online scanners I've tried picked up anything unusual. Eset, Trend Micro, OneCare Live, etc.. they all found nothing of significance (though OneCare, as always, found invalid registry entries).

If you have a particular nasty case that prevents .com files from executing, then you'll need to boot into 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt' and run the utility from there.

Update: Can't get into Safe Mode? I got this recently. The only thing that worked for me was to change the .exe extension to .cmd since the particular computer I was fixing also had problems with .com and .bat files.