Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Diablo II on Ubuntu

Been playing Diablo 2 (again) after so long. Yep, I'm that bored. Just head over to WineHQ's AppDB and refer to the HOWTO there. It's got all you need to install and run Diablo 2 on Ubuntu. Although it's written for Diablo 2, it works perfectly fine for the expansion too.

Heck, even the latest v1.11b patch installs and runs fine. Just remember to turn off perspective in Video Options or you'll experience serious lag in Act 3. I'm not sure if Acts 4 & 5 are affected, but I decided to keep the perspective feature off anyway just in case. Alternatively, simply install the proprietary drivers for you GPU. I prefer to make use of open source drivers (less issues overall)  but gaming performance leaves much to be desired.

Sound issues

Wine undergoes fast paced development inevitably leading to the occasional regression. The current stable version runs most Windows applications out-of-the-box including Diablo 2. Unfortunately, Wine 1.2 has a regression with sound support for Diablo 2. Diablo 2 runs without sound once you reach the game menu and in-game. Strangely this also causes NPC dialogs to not show up although the game continues without a hitch otherwise.

To fix this, you’ll need to reconfigure Wine’s audio to emulation (default is full).

Alt+click item pickup issues

If you find you can highlight drops with Alt key but can't pickup items with an Alt+click then it's your window manager mapping Alt key to some function that's preventing the game from receiving the action. GNOME defaults to using Alt for moving windows around. Just change it to the "Super" (Windows) key in System->Preferences->Windows and Alt+click will now work in Diablo.

GNOME window preferences
Black screen issues

When running Diablo II the screen may go blank after the logo screens. I find you get this if desktop effects is enabled so just disable it permanently, or whenever you want to play Diablo.

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