Thursday, August 17, 2006

Between Stark & Arcadia

Currently, I'm busy with Dreamfall on Ubuntu. Took a bunch of screenshots of the game. With GNOME, just press printscreen to make a screenshot. Simple and expected.

This is so unlike Windows, which shows you a black image. Worse, initially you get to see the screenshot perfectly. Reboot, and the screencaps are suddenly all black. How user friendly is that?

Here's some of the screenshots I took from various points in the game:

April's ol' place, the Border House. Now it's called the Victory Hotel.

The Journeyman Inn...

This is the new character. Seems pointless since you just get to start a few in-game sequences and progress the story. The character doesn't do anything important so far as I've seen.

Don't you feel cold Zoƫ? I know I would *shiver*

Occasionally the game kicks me out back to my desktop. Recently, I tried setting Wine's audio to use ALSA and I find the game to be a little less stable and stutters a little more than usual. I think I'll switch back to OSS.

Finally, there's some parts of the game when the shader effects looks simply awful in Wine. So far I've only seen 3 areas (thankfully): the beginning of the game, marketplace @ Marcuria, the Dreamcore area. Everything was overly bright and blurry which really hurts the eyes. Not to mention the game feels a little sluggish in those areas.

Of course, I haven't played this on Windows before, so maybe it's that way on Windows too. Here's a screenie from the beginning of the game I've managed to save illustrating this effect: