Thursday, July 20, 2006

NeverWinter Nights Platinum on Ubuntu

One of the few RPGs I know of that has a native Linux client is NeverWinter Nights. While the story is quite mundane, well... it's better than no RPG at all, right?


So, here's how to get the Platinum Edition of the game going on your fav Linux distro.

Since this is a Windows app afterall, it's a good idea to make sure you have the msttcorefonts package installed before proceeding further, i think:

$ sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

Install unshield and imagemagick packages using apt:

$ sudo apt-get install unshield imagemagick

Then, run the install script that you can download from ParadoX, and follow the instructions provided. Oh yeah, be sure to have the Linux client binaries, latest patch and game installation CDs or DVD at hand. You can download the client binaries and latest game patch from the official NWN website. You're on your own on the CDs or DVD.

If you intend to install this anywhere but in you home folder, then just add a "sudo" in front of the following command to startup the installation:

$ sh

After installing, i had a seg fault trying to run the game. In case that happens, check out the console output from the installation (you didn't close the terminal window already, did you?). Chances are, there's a missing file called patch.key.

I copied a file called xp2patch.key in the folder where NWN was installed and named it "patch.key" then ran the fixinstall script included with the game. The game should run fine after the script does it's job.

Incidentally, all this can also be found on the UbuntuForums. In fact, the post there was one of the places I searched for answers, so thanks a dozen to the Ubuntu community :-)

Note: For some reason the game seems to run sluggishly. I'm guessing it's the ATi driver's fault. Upgrading from Breezy to Dapper, I didn't have this problem. But my fresh Dapper installation seems to have flushed out some problems. So, fresh installs aren't always a good thing afterall.

Update: I recently tried installing NWN Platinum on Ubuntu Gutsy and found that it seems to be having troubles with detecting the mounted DVD drive. Recent changes to the way things are done under the hood seems to have screwed up a lot of things including Wine's CD detection when installing games that come in more than 1 disc :-(

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